WishB (Creators of GlobWorld)


Co-Founder | Product Strategy | Product Design | Product Management | Creative Direction


  • Received seed funding of $4.5M

  • GlobWorld was the first 3D virtual world that also had a social component coupled with parental controls like no other.

  • Patented a communication association between networks that allows a simple interface with a secure authentication mechanism between entities (in this case children and their close circle of friends).

  • Won the coveted PTPA Award (Parent Tested Parent Approved)

  • Featured in Parenting magazine (web and print) for our numerous anti-bullying campaigns

  • Our "Free to Be" campaigns where adopted by School Districts across the nation


GlobWorld was a 3D virtual world with a social networking layer for kids under 12. Using a patent pending connection to enable kids and their parents to safely connect to their close circle of friends and family.

Our unique IP covered social media, 3D world, comics, toys and merchandise.

- Established partnerships with nationally and internationally acclaimed anti-bullying organizations such as PACER, U.S. school districts, and the U.S. Dept of Education.
- Responsible for hiring and building creative and technical teams across the company (25+)
- PRDs, user flows, creative briefs, wireframes, prototypes, etc
- Responsible for creative direction, business development, and exploring technologies around 3D development
- Responsible for product strategy, executive summaries, business model, and studio direction
- Fiscally responsible for seed funding of $4.5M

GlobWorld commercial

A silent tutorial (original had sound) showing the "egg" (home) of the glob. Tons of dance moves!

Toys and Comic book Series

Toys where fun to create. We created the most cuddly little dolls with a starter accessory pack. We also had some cool trading cards with a series of “levels” and even rare “gold” cards. The gold cards are unique “x-globs”, genetically modified globs (i.e. dino, ape, fairy, bubbles, etc). Monty was the ape glob that became the “host” of GlobWorld. GlobWorld even has a whole Zazzle store (zazzle.com/globworld/)

One of the most exciting projects was a comic book series (available for Kindle on Amazon). The comic book hosted a story line of wacky globs in these crazy scenarios with a anti-bullying backdrop story that culminated in an epic ending!

Here is a sample of Issue #2 (the last issue is my favorite!)

There are few professionals with Dan’s skill set. He can assemble a creative team of designers, writers, artists, and 3D animators as capably as he can build a crew of hardcore tech engineers. Dan can see the big picture of product design and devise brilliant execution strategies at all levels of development.
— Scott Delaney, Editorial & Campaign Manager at Mozilla Corporation