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Giving a presentation @RingCentral

Giving a presentation @RingCentral

I had the honor of working for Dan for nearly three years at WishB. And there I enjoyed some of the most creatively rewarding experiences of my career.

There are few professionals with Dan’s skill set. He can assemble a creative team of designers, writers, artists, and 3D animators as capably as he can build a crew of hardcore tech engineers. Dan can see the big picture of product design and devise brilliant execution strategies at all levels of development.

Dan pushes himself to constantly reach new heights of skill and knowledge, to never be comfortable with the status quo. And he has a natural gift for inspiring those around him to push themselves beyond cozy comfort levels.
— Scott Delaney, Editorial & Campaign Manager at Mozilla Corporation


My background starts off as a self taught Software Engineer. During the “Dot Com” era I focused on front end development, and it was at this time that I became consumed by my curiosity as to “why” and “how” people use technology.  This led me to a UX path that now spans over 15 years.  My technical background has helped me close communication gaps between product development teams and assist in refining Agile, Lean, or hybrid processes to improve efficiency between product, design, and engineering.

I am a firm believer in maintaining a strong focus on UCD methodologies. This allows product design that achieves true value to the customer and removes any “noise” that counters that goal. I have a proven track record of strategic, operational, and product design leadership. Leading cross functional international teams of over 30+ employees that possess a strong UX culture has taught me that a great product reflects a team's chemistry. I think design, speak geek, and champion the business. In the past 15 years I have worked in a large range of different products in nature, from consumer to enterprise, mobile to TV, children to seniors, and everything in between